Our Story

Welcome to Edelweiss Boutique!  We hope you are having a fun and unique shopping experience.  When you come to shop on our site, we want to bring those same elements of shopping that we all love about going into a store!  When you "walk" into our site, we hope you enjoy not only our products, but the whole experience of shopping at Edelweiss Boutique.  

We believe that clothes are not only a way to express yourself, but are associated with so much more!  Clothes are what we do life in..whether it's what you wore to your best friend's wedding, the first day of your new job, etc....clothes carry memories of important moments in life.  We hope that you can find those unique pieces of clothing at Edelweiss Boutique that have meaning hanging in your closet.  Every style tells a story...be the author of your adventure.  

We’ve gotten lots of questions regarding why our name is Edelweiss! This unique little flower only grows on the peaks of mountains found mostly in the Alps. It is a national symbol of Austria, which is a country with special meaning to us. Long ago, men would actually climb to the top of mountains to retrieve this flower to propose...a VERY dangerous climb! This flower stands for bravery, dedication, purity and virtue. We love this little flower and everything it stands for! 

Thank you so much for allowing us to do what we love.   Bloom and grow with us!